Tracking Tools

Tracking Tools for Echocardiogram and Vascular Imaging Data

We hope these tools will help patients track the timing of and pertinent data from their cardiovascular imaging, including echocardiograms, MRAs, and CTAs. We believe it is important for patients to be empowered and partners in their healthcare. You and your physicians should fill out this information together to help track aortic and arterial dimensions that show aneurysmal disease or dissections. Tracking data over time can help document stability or growth of vasculature and ensure timeliness of appropriate imaging.


Informationen på denna sida och dess undersidor är med deras tillstånd, direkt hämtade från Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation i USA. Sidorna kommer att översättas till svenska efterhand, men tills dess väljer jag att presentera all information på originalspråket.